Synergie Skin PCN (white)

Synergie bliss facial

60 mins $95 or add-on to Hydro-Microdermabrasion facial for $70 (allow 1.5 hr)

As the name suggests, this facial is the ultimate treatment for those who just wish to bliss out, relax and revitalise. Combining a little bit of skin therapy with a whole lot of skin pampering. Treatment includes a shoulder massage while your mask is setting, and is topped off with a divine face, neck & decollete massage to assist circulation and lymph drainage. Please note this facial includes the use of Lavender products – please notify if you are sensitive to Lavender so that an alternative oil can be used instead.

Synergie detox antioxidant facial

75 mins $110 or add-on to Hydro-Microdermabrasion facial for $70

For clients suffering with skin breakouts, oiliness or who just want a deep cleanse without compromising on the anti-aging benefits at the same time. This cleverly formulated treatment combines a deep cleanse, extractions and steam while delivering all the antioxidant benefits from cosmeceutical ingredients like Vit B3, Vit C & Green Tea.

Synergie Peels

HydroPeel  30 mins $75

An entry level peel for those who are new to AHA treatments and have not yet prepped their skin for deeper peels. This peel refreshes, softens and hydrates skin, using Papaya and Lactic acid. Have as a refresh between your normal facials, or have a series of them every 2 weeks for 6 sessions.

Salicylic Peel 30 mins $90 single session or $450 for a series of 6 done weekly or fortnightly.

For people with Rosacea, inflammation and acne. A low level 5% peel designed to calm skin and unclog congested pores.

MetaMorphic Peel 45 mins $99 single session or $450 for a series of 6 done weekly or fortnightly.

For those wanting to see more intense results when addressing acne, dullness, ageing and sun damage. We combine the hydrating and exfoliating benefits of Lactic with the anti-inflammatory & deep cleansing effects of salicylic. This peel is intensified with each treatment.